About Lee

I'm a Glasgow School of Art graduate from Anderston. I had wanderlust as a kid, I couldn't wait to discover the world and get out of Glasgow. And I did, but I never found anywhere I would rather live. I love my city.

I work from my flat in the Saltmarket, which means constant noise and life going on right outside my window. Sometimes good, sometimes bad but I do love living in the city. I can walk pretty much anywhere I need to get to, giving me opportunity to see moments or places that inspire me to paint them. Working from home also means almost everything I own has paint on it somewhere .

I have found trying to write about myself and the exhibition quite hard during lockdown. I am used to spending periods of time on my own, just in working, focusing on painting. At first it was fine, I could get my head down and finish the paintings I've been working on with out the distractions of the usual things I have to do that help me pay my bills, like face painting at kids parties. Going out for a walk through empty streets was weird but inspiring. Then it wasn't. I used to love getting a street without people in my way. Now they feel ominous. Cities are full of life, noise, music, places to go with your friends, parks to take the kids to. Now my Glasgow feels like '28 Days later'.

We don't know the future, but I know we will be back making Glasgow great again. Hopefully we can keep the bluer skies and the intention that seems to be spreading of supporting local businesses and community spirit.